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Atlantic is one of the Healthiest Credit Unions in America

Atlantic is one of the Healthiest Credit Unions in America

Your physical health is important.  I would suggest that your financial health is just as important.  Understanding your financial picture today is critical to help paint your financial future. At Atlantic we are committed to improving our members’ financial quality of life and we practice what we preach.

Atlantic Federal Credit Union has been named as one of the “Healthiest Credit Unions” in the country.

Top 200Deposit Accounts, a leading bank account comparison website, has placed Atlantic in the Top 3% of more than 6,000 federally insured credit unions and declared us as one of the healthiest in the US. The only credit union in the state of Maine to receive such a distinction.  What does our A+ health score mean for our members?  It means that members have the security to know that their finances are protected by a credit union that has demonstrated exceptional fiduciary responsibility.

Atlantic is a financial cooperative owned and operated by its members.  The Board of Directors are volunteers and are elected by the members.  Every member has one vote, regardless of how much he or she has on deposit. The Board establishes and reviews credit union policy.  As a credit union Atlantic answers to members— not shareholders or Wall Street investors.

The concept of a credit union has always been to be a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution with a wide variety of services available to people from all walks of life. The members of the credit union would have higher savings returns, lower loan rates, and lower, fewer fees because the earnings of the credit union are returned to the membership. The Atlantic Free Kasasa Checking continues to provide huge rewards to our members.  Choose your reward, really high interest or cash paid on your debit card.  Plus, you are rewarded with refunds on your ATM fees.

Since we were founded, in 1941, Atlantic has existed solely for our member’s success.  With strong oversight from the board and excellent management, Atlantic is financially fit and continues to grow.  We are proud to be named in the top 3% of the “Healthiest Credit Unions” in the country, the only one in Maine, and we will continue to work hard to do better.

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