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Careful. There’s a New Scam

Careful. There’s a New Scam

This week Atlantic Federal Credit Union posted a scam alert on the Atlantic website, Facebook page and Twitter alerting members to a new scam from criminals trying to steal your debit card number.

scamHere’s how it works.  You get a text telling you that your debit card number was compromised and to call 844-334-6152. (The scammers may have already changed to a new number.) When you call, it asks for your card number and CVV code.  Please be aware that this is a scam, and do not call this number.

It can be a jolt when you are told that your card has been compromised.  Your mind races into action.  Criminals are betting that you will act before you think.

If you ever have a question about the security of your debit card, or credit card, then call the financial institution that issued the card.  Never call a number that has been given to you in a text, in an email or in a phone call.  Use the phone number on the card or on your statement.

You can also take an immediate proactive step and blunt the scammers of the world.  Atlantic recently announced a new app to provide an extra layer of security to protect your debit card.  The app is the CardValet®, from Fiserv.   CardValet®, allows you the cardholder to control when, where and how your debit cards are used.  Through your phone app, you literally can turn the card off when it is not in use and then turn it on when you want to use it again.  You can also use the app to help control spending by setting transaction limits on the card.

Bottom line, you can manage your debit card by defining when, where and how your payment card is used.  The Atlantic CardValet® is a free app available for Apple® or Android™ devices.

You can now use technology to defend against fraud.  Just imagine the next time you have a concern about your debit card?  You could immediately go to your phone and turn the card off.  When your card is “off,” no withdrawals or purchases will be approved.  Immediate peace of mind. You could then calmly call your financial institution to make sure all is safe.

Learn more about the Atlantic CardValet® here.

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