Financial Education and the Atlantic $7,500 College Scholarship Winner

Atlantic Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that the winner of the $7,500 Atlantic College Scholarship is Wyatt Kilburn of Greely High School.

Katherine Bacall of Greely High school was awarded a $2,500 Atlantic College Scholarship and Bailey Karnes of Freeport High School was selected to receive the $1,000 Atlantic College Scholarship.


(l-r Bailey Karnes, Katherine Bacall, Atlantic Federal Credit Union CEO/President Roger Sirois, Wyatt Kilburn)

Atlantic Federal Credit Union is a big believer in education and financial education.  We want everyone in our community to do better.  In addition to helping members who are graduating high school and pursuing secondary education opportunities, Atlantic works with students in the classroom.  In a recent nationwide survey, by lendedu, it was found

  • 51 percent of students did not receive any financial education
  • 58 percent of students surveyed were not working to build good credit
  • 43 percent of students in the survey believed that checking their credit report would hurt their credit score.

In 2015, the Champlain College’s Center for Financial Literacy gave the state of Maine a “B” on our ability to deliver financially literate high school graduates.

This past school year Atlantic worked with more than 500 students, in 14 schools throughout Southern Maine, providing 160 hours of education to help increase their financial knowledge.

On the Atlantic website, we also provide free financial videos, handouts, and info-graphics to assist the financial learning process.  Currently, you will find the breakdown of a credit score.  Do you know the 5 categories that go into calculating your credit score?

Improving member’s financial quality of life is an important part of the mission for the Credit Union. Atlantic CEO/President Roger Sirois commented, “The scholarships are another opportunity to give back to the communities that we serve and another opportunity for Atlantic to help our members do better.”

In addition to the Top 3 Scholarship Winners, Atlantic also granted eight $500 scholarships to:

  • Emma Nagler, Brunswick High School
  • Marina Jan Mackinnon, Brunswick High School
  • Kaitlyn Currier, Greely High School
  • Mackenzie Copp, Greely High School
  • Lauren Haskell, Mt. Ararat High School
  • Juliette Sylvester, Freeport High School
  • Alexander Knox, Brunswick High School
  • Keenan Andrews, Brunswick High School.

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